Life size 1:1 scale Joker statue bust by Infinity Studio

➤Size: H:82cm W:72cm L:72cm

➤Materials: Platinum Silicone, Poly stone, fabric, high temperature fiber, etc.

➤Background Story: “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.”
This time we chose the moment when the Joker was negotiating with the gangsters that conveying the personality perfectly.
We want to bring the real Joker to life by focusing on the character’s facial expressions and emotions to express “He is an embodiment of chaos, a true enigma”.
From gesture, outfit, face sculpt, and through to every single prop, such as his card, dagger or mask, we created a realistic masterpiece with creative details to make sure that our collectors can relive the feeling of the movie.
The bust has an extremely detailed base inspired by one of the most iconic scenes in the movie — the flaming bat symbol.
The dagger on the base is replaceable, which can be moved.
The outfit of the Joker is tailored with selected materials.
Besides, every statue comes with a 24K GOLD certificate!

➤Music credits:

Cinematic Documentary Violin by Infraction [No Copyright Music] Innerbloom

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