Here are 5 Actors that almost played Spider-Man! Coming in at number five is Jake Gyllenhall. When Toby Maguire had back issues before Spider-Man 2, producers wanted Gyllenhall to replace him. Gyllenhall was ready to sign his contract but Toby stopped the meeting and said he still wanted the role. The next actor you also won’t believe, Tom Cruise. Producers tried to make a Spider-Man movie in the 1980’s when Cruise was the biggest young actor in Hollywood but the studio canceled production. The third actor on the list is truly mind-blowing, Timothée Chalamet. Chalamet was at the top of Marvel’s list for Spider-Man Homecoming but he messed up his lines in the audition so he wasn’t cast. This next actor comes in as a shocker as well, James Franco. Franco tested as Peter Parker for Spider-Man but he wasn’t famous enough so they casted him as Peter’s friend, Harry. Now this last name had Marvel fans in disbelief, Heath Ledger. Ledger was another actor considered for the 2002 Spiderman film and he talked at length with the studio to play the lead role but negotiations couldn’t be met and he played the Joker instead.

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